Stripes and Polka dots

Stripes and Polka dots

Stripes and polka dots are much more than simply a trend: they are a graphic print which made the history of fashion.

The stripes were born in Portugal and they were originally worn by the Baiadera, the Portugal dancers; then in the early 1920s Madame Madeleine Vionnet drew a pleated dress which is the fashionable precursor of the stripes that we’ll see for years till nowadays, combined with floral and colorful patterns.

Polka dots, otherwise, joins the fashion world in the '30s and explodes into the pin-up’s clothes and corsages during the ‘50s.

Stripes and polka dots become more and more two evergreen patterns that have never left our closets and that allow you to create both the most chic and the most casual looks.




There’s nothing like polka dots which reminds us to carefree summer days. That’s why they’re one of the Spring Summer 2018 trend combined with the stripes. We’ve always fallen in love with polka dots, thanks to celerity like Marilyn Monroe and fashion designer like Christian Dior. Why do we love polk dots? Because they are blithely, fancy and chic; they are definitively the most pop texture ever, perfect for everyone and that will be still forever. 


Stripes always come back, and anytime they become the favorite pattern: for trousers, skirt, and even for the plateau of the shoes. They can make look everything longer and play with the shapes of the bodies, can be colorful and humorous, but also classy and chic. That’s why we love them. And that’s why Laurafed’s got her iconic striped clutch, 10.4 SFO: we can tell for sure that stripes are our iconic pattern.


Stripes and polka dot combined together? Why not? Maxi-micro, black and white, and other many combinations for these two types of prints that will never go out of style and that mixed together stand out for sure. Doing it is much simpler than you can imagine: just start from a small detail to venture into the game of matching up.
Have a look at our favorite matches.


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