Laurafed goes to Dubai

Laurafed goes to Dubai

Dubai is home to a diverse number of cultures mainly because of the high number of foreign workers.
It is a destination that mixes modern culture with history, adventure with world-class shopping and entertainment.

DAY 1:

Centre for cultural understanding | Bastakia | Dubai Museum | Grand Mosque | Hindi Lane
      A great place to start if you want to understand the Islamic culture and specifically the culture of the Gulf and the UAE is the Centre for cultural understanding. It was opened in 1998 and is housed in a traditional Wind Tower House in the historic district of Al Fahidi. In 6 minutes of walking you’ll reach the Bastakia - a delightful historical quarter of Dubai with many narrow winding lanes, traditional wind tower architecture and old buildings. Continue walking for 2 minutes and reach the Dubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort, the city's primary museum. It is housed within the historic Al Fahidi Fort which was constructed in 1787 and is the oldest building in the city. In other 2 minutes of walking you’ll arrive at the Grand Mosque. This mosque is special because the original version of the mosque was the oldest of all the mosques in the UAE. The Grand Mosque was constructed in 1850 and completely rebuilt in 1952 and then again in 1999 using the same style as the original. Next to the Grand Mosque there is the Hindi Lane, named for the many businesses catering to the huge Hindu Indian enclave living here. You can wander among the stores and find products that have been imported from India or represent the traditions and tastes of the Indian community.

DAY 2:

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck | Dubai Mall | Dubai Fountain show | Emirate Towers | Creek Park
      On the southern end of Sheikh Zayed Road rises the Burj Khalifa but you don't need to be standing near it to see it. The stunning building is the tallest in the world. After five years of construction it reaches 828 meters and looks like a shinny needle. Walking 10 minutes you’ll arrive to the Dubai Mall, where you could spend the entire day shopping, dining and enjoying amazing places of entertainment. This is the world's largest mall in terms of total area and it has 1,200 stores. 5 minutes of walking away there is The Dubai Fountain show, which is the world's largest fountain show of its kind. It is located on the 12 hectare man-made Burj Lake outside the Dubai Mall on the Lower Ground Waterfront Promenade. Devised by the same team which created the Las Vegas fountains outside the Bellagio Hotel. Free your afternoon to visit The Emirate Towers, and the Dubai Creek Park, two of the magnificent buildings worth seeing in Dubai. They are located on Sheikh Zayed Road. The Towers are 355 meters and 309 meters tall with 56 and 54 floors respectively. The buildings are spread over 570,000sqm of land which include gardens, lakes and water features. Use public transport or a taxi to go to the Dubai Creek Park, located alongside Dubai Creek on the Bur Dubai side in the heart of the city. This is one of Dubai's oldest parks and it is very popular, a great place to escape the urban jungle.

DAY 3:

The Palm | Burj Al Arab | Mall of the Emirated
      The Palm resort is situated at the apex of the man-made palm-looking Palm Jumeirah Island which spreads into the sea from the Dubai coast. Aquaventure is the resort's main attraction, it is a huge water park spread across 17 hectares of the resort's 46 hectares. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is rapresents the lost city of Atlantis and it is home to 65,000 marine animals. The Dolphin Bay is another attractions at the Atlantis, The Palm resort at the very top of the palm "tree" island of Palm Jumeira. An artificial lagoon has been created surrounded by beach and palm trees, here the site offers people the opportunity to swim, dive, feed and learn about dolphins. In the afternoon you should visit Burj Al Arab, a 7 star hotel.The Burj Al Arab is the 3rd tallest hotel in the world and is best known for its aesthetic shape resembling the sail of a traditional dhow boat. The Burj Al Arab is located on a man-made island of reclaimed land near Jumeirah Beach. If you still have energies and time, 6.2 km away you’ll find the Mall of the Emirated, one of the major pastimes but Dubai malls are also places of entertainment with attractions to keep you busy the entire day. 

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