by Giulia Venturi
Surely the wedding day is one of the most important day for the life of a woman, so if you are invited to an event like this, it is important to remember some basic rules in terms of looks.


The first point of attention is what color choose for your dress; this color should reflect all the autumn mood chosen by the bride and groom. Colors like black or white have always created conflicting opinions between those who don’t banish it, like Lorenzo Serafini by Philosophy, and those who considerer it a lack of respect and style for the couple.
The best choice is to opt for different shades or at least for black, which has recently imposed its presence on the wedding scene, always resulting a bonus color.


The main palette of this season is composed by colors that recall the Autumn shades like brown, dark orange, olive green and grey; colors that may be used very well for the wedding dresses. Ok to a brown whiskey, warm and mysterious color that will give us a glam and sophisticated note especially for such an important day, and olive green which approaches the military green but with a warmer tone that make it enveloping and chic, very beautiful are the proposal given by Dior and Chanel.
A special mention for this Autumn/Winter it’s for colors like Marble Grey and Dark Orange. Indeed grey deserves undoubtedly the place of honor among the most classic shades: defined as a cousin of black, it is perfect for a day-light ceremony as well as an evening ceremony, and we suggest to embellish it with a lamè stole. This color is very beautiful for the bride’s mother or for the groom.
For a burst of energy still glam, dark orange perfect fits a wedding day, lively but chic and suitable for any age, it is the color par excellence of the recent runways. In the end, a dark orange dress will make us a special guest without exaggerating.
Whatever is the color you will choose, with the right accessories like precious earrings and our clutches, you will shine -that’s for sure- and your look will be perfect for any wedding.

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