by Eva Pierantoni
Fashion is like a religion and it asks for loyalty, dedication and some sacrifices. It’s like a cult that doesn’t have only one God but many masters. Down below you will find some new creeds to follow for the next Fall Winter season and, among the strongest trends, cloak and coats can’t be missed.


Back in time, the first female coat appeared in the early Nineteenth century in France and it was called Douillette; a coat with a comfortable robe line, mainly made of silk and with a padding inside.
At the beginning of the Twentieth Century the same was no longer used as a cover for the cold, but also appropriate for every occasion, for example for the evening or for the theater. But the real step-change came when an emerging designer reinvented it and made it super feminine, a must-have… We are talking about Christian Dior.
For the Dior Woman, our Christian thought of a coat with a frock coat.
Shortly thereafter, he introduced into his coat the "martingalla”, that refined it even more, and made it more feminine and delicate.


Since then this garment never left any runway of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Yes, it has changed shapes, colors, fabrics but every year has confirmed its presence!
For this Fall Winter 2018/2019 the same runways showed many news: the first is the raincoat which is often underestimated, but this year entirely succeeded in getting into the designers’ good books who finally made it a fashionable coat. The last runways’s been full of cloak, parka and raincoats with so many shades of colors: from the burdened ones of JM Anderson, to the unexpected acid green by Trussardi to the delicious pink powder by Loewe, which are able to satisfy any taste. The Newest? The one with a patchwork print by Lacoste.


Let's now talk about the “nightgown" coats: those are made of very light fabrics such as silk and damask, and must be worn open, to give fluidity and to flank the silhouette. We can find them paired with the pijama-style and with shawl lapels by Max Mara, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana.


An important revolution has now become a lifestyle for many stylists: furs must be exclusively fake!
Ecology and respect for the animals as well as environmental impacts are themes that receive always more attentions from  the Designers. Althought real fur may appear more precious, today the fake ones reached the same results on the aspect, plus they are more funny and opened to a wider audience. There is always more meticulous research about the use of natural and sustainable materials without compromising the elegance and the glamour of the final products by mixing poor and precious materials in a perfect balance between form and function... For example the LAURAFED bags Made in Italy, made of solid wood and textures embellished with accessories and details: they can be matched up with any kind of trendy coats of this Winter season and will surely give us an extra touch that girls like us can’t miss!
And one last suggestion, for this season black is banned in our wardrobe, the watchword is color, from yellow to orange, purple and green.
A triumph of super-trendy colored coats which will drive you crazy and turn you in a good mood.
The Autumn Winter 2018/2019 coats speak the language of color: leave your sad and faded nuances coats, Fashion wants to bring a burst of energy to the female wardrobe with a succession of warm and vibrant colors like yellow in all its shades, orange and red. And still, light blue, emerald green or mint, pink and peacock blue.
Briefly my women, now that I gave you all this suggestions, you have all the weapons to fight the winter, just remember to do not cheat on these three must haves:
- raincoat, fake-fur and cloak
- colors even more explosive than in summer
- the chic Laurafed wooden clutch
The result?
You will be this winter must have and won’t need anything else!

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