by Giulia Venturi

Who said vacations are for Summer days? Laurafed's pretty sure we deserve a get-away every month! Down below you'll find our favourite destinations for this Autumn.


      Marrakech has always been considered as an enigmatic and fascinating city, where each of us can be absorbed in its customs and traditions. The city can be divided into two parts: MEDINA and NOUVELLE VILLE, full of restaurants and luxury stores. The MEDINA is probably the most authentic part of Marrakech, where ancient traditions come in contact with a lot of tourists who crowd the beautiful “RED CITY”. NOUVELLE VILLE is the “New City”, where the nightly special life is divided between restaurants and bars. The question that arises is: what to bring in the suitcase? The suitcase must be articulated between comfortable shirts and fresh long trousers for the day, without forgetting a headscarf and a shopper. Super fashion is the white shirt by Tory Burch and the colorful headscarf by Louis Vuitton; for the evening a long dress and sparkling shoes will immerse you in the Berber night.


      • Marrakech is a city with a thousand features, just like the Laurafed bags, in which women can fully reflect each other and always feel like princesses in every situations.


      Copenaghen is not only the capital of Denmark but it’s also one of the most chic city in Europe. Suddendly you’ll find yourself catapulted into a green oasis, full of artists, music, beautiful stores and design, where using bicycle is a real status. When we talk about Copenaghen, we talk about a very liveable city divided between Tivoli and its beautiful gardens where you can find musical events in every season and so many exhibitions of contemporary art and design in Galleries such as the Copenaghen Contemporary. The class and the chic of the city can also be seen in the style of the Copenagese who perfectly embody the elegant Nordic style. The suitcase must be adapted to the autumn pungent freshness of Copenaghen, that’s why you won't have to miss comfortable trousers and sweaters of heavy cotton and wool, without forgetting the style. Very beautiful are the high-waisted pants, must have of the season and the cigarette ones proposed by Max Mara; free way to the imagination on the shoulder and sweaters, colorful those proposed by Etro that will keep you warm and in tune with the City.


        • For its being structured but classy, cold but colorful and for the thousand breathtaking contrasts in every corner.


      When we think about an Autumn getaway, we think about the first hot chocolate, about walking through gardens full of fallen leaves and about romantic dinners while outside it's raining. If you love all of this, Bruges is your city; thanks to its medieval historical center and to the canals that surround it, it's defined as one of the most romantic city of the old Continent. You will surely be enchanted by the beauty of the architectural treasures such as the Bell Tower and the Church of Our Lady, without forgetting the particular museums which deserve a visit, like the Museum of Fries, The Chocolate Museum and the Beer Museum. Bruges is not only a city with old charm, but it’s also a trendy center of Flanders and if you decide to visit it during the Fall, you should be ready to bring a good suitcase. Jeans, warm cotton sweaters, a nice coat as a parka, will accompany you during the trip; an essential accessory is the umbrella which became a cult object in the female wardrobe, for the most stylish there is the Louis Vuitton ones with the evergreen monogram fantasy, and a camera to capture unforgettable moments.


        • Its romantic and timeless spirit perfectly embodies the charm that a Laurafed bag gives to every women.


      Autumn is the perfect time to visit Scotland and its capital, Edinburgh.You will be impressed by the beautiful colors of the Royal Botanic Garden, defined as one of the most fascinating botanical garden in Europe, from which you can admire the city skyline and the majestic Castle of Edinburgh; in a sort of mistery garden you will find yourself visiting over ten different greenhouses with hundreds of particular plants which will bring you to distant places. But Edinburgh is much more. There are music festivals in many periods of the year and it's been chosen as a cinema sets for cult film like Trainspotting and One Day; all of this gives to this city a british allure without equal. Are you ready to pack your suitcase for Edinburgh? The most chic Scottish mood will dominate during your autumn weekend, and essential clothing will be tartan skirts and dresses with warm colors as dark orange e green wood. A must have when we're talking about England is Burberry, that from his fantasy check has made a real status, as well as the super glam Vivienne Westwood, expression of the British glam punk touch. Don't you ever forget a trench coat, irresistible in fabrics like the Prince of Wales and a Fedora, one of the most chic is the one proposed by Borsalino in shades bordeux. The only thing that you have to do now, is to fully enjoy every single moment in this intriguing and super stylish city.


        • For its mysterious spirit and for the many emotions that this city will bring into your heart, without ever losing that glam touch which is in every women.

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